The Dying of the Golden Day (The Heartfriends #1)

Marked by gray eyes that prophesy the death of magic, Aurelia seeks to avert her destiny by serving as advisor to the prince of Sunniva, but a chance to reunite two broken kingdoms soon forces Aurelia to decide where her loyalty lies--with her prince or with her magic. Meeting Brennus, the first male born with magic in centuries, further complicates her choice.

When Edana, the first seeress in generations, receives a vision concerning the end of the kingdom, she embarks on a mission to locate the subjects of the prophecy only to stumble upon a threat to all those with the gift of magic.

As prophecy becomes clearer and the future darker, they discover there are two sides to every coin--good and evil, hope and destruction, fate and chaos. Only they can restore balance, and only they can plunge the world into eternal darkness.

The Shadow of the Endless Night (The Heartfriends #2)

Since their defeat at the hands of Valerius and his army three months prior, Aurelia and her friends are lost. Aurelia has renounced her country in order to do what she thinks is right—and to survive. Now, with Renfred in the dungeons and her fortitude waning, she sets off on a quest to find the Guardians of the Gift in the hopes of restoring magic to the land and driving away the invaders.

Inside the castle, Edana and the resistance attempt to thwart Valerius’s plan to give people magic by taking away their souls and turning them into soldiers driven by insatiable rage. But fear of her dangerous new magic holds her back, and navigating the political landscape might cause her to lose sight of herself.

And Mira, empress of Mydrost, intends to challenge Valerius and his troops over Temidorus, but to do so, she must forge an alliance with Queen Minerva of Sunniva, Renfred’s older sister. But the two leaders’ clash of opinions and cultures might sink them before they’ve begun.

They must trust in themselves and each other before Valerius’s hunt tears the veil between this realm and the next.

The Stroke of Thirteen

When Grace Pembleton inherited her grandfather's business in rural Pennsylvania, she had no idea what else she was in for. She thought life as a bed-and-breakfast owner would be a quiet one, that the only trouble she'd encounter would be making enough coffee for guests.

What she gets instead is a violent gnome, a resident ghost, a secret society, and continuous brushes with the supernatural. Even with new friends at her side, she struggles to fulfill her family's legacy of protecting the town.

Then a new threat arises, and it wants Grace.

Empyrea and Other Stories

A flower shop open only from dusk to dawn.
A cult compound modified for post-apocalyptic survival.
A refuge where the sun never rises.

An alien adjusting to her new life on Earth.
A free-spirited witch who teams up with a straight-laced detective.
A thief whose quest for survival will alter the world.

Find all this and more in fifteen speculative-fiction stories about finding beauty in chaos, strength in community, and humanity in the unexpected.